Dtoons Productions has entered a content deal with Channel Awesome, where its animated cartoons will appear on the entertainment review site That Guy with the Glasses.
As part of Channel Awesome’s Talent Pickup, Dtoons will provide a minimum of two videos a month to the site, for a total minimum of 24 videos annually. The majority, if not all videos, will be episodes of Toons These Days, Dtoons satirical animation review show. Though the series is set to debut on October 21st, new episodes will roll out first on our website (dtoons.com/conroy) on Monday, December 15th, followed by its appearance on TGWTG.com on Tuesday. Its YouTube debut will then be on Thursday, December 18th, and will be posted on Newgrounds on Saturday. This release pattern will be for all new episodes.

Toons These Days debut episode on the site will be “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”, originally posted on November 14, 2011. The release schedule will be posted on Dtoons Twitter page (twitter.com/dtoons_news).