Living overseas, I got to see international Cartoon Network feed the world over and they’re usually broken up by different regions, like the original American feed, one for Latin America, Europe/Africa, Japan, Asia Pacific, etc. Their programming was different too. A lot of them still air old cartoons CN US hasn’t in years, while some air shows CN US never did (The Mask cartoon from the 90’s for example).

And natually, they had their own set of bumpers.
Now if you recognize these, they are very similar to the Noods we used to have a few months ago. But unlike them, “Toonix” made plenty of bumpers for all of their shows. Which I think is pretty cool. The Noods warned out their welcome by playing the same kinds again and again. They even made some of Naruto for corn sakes.

The first “new” Conroy Cat comic I did actually covers the Noods.