Cars 2 isn’t that bad. It’s better than the original Cars in that it’s more fast paced fun and adventure, but the first one had a better story, and more importantly had more heart.
Cars 2 suffers from a story that gets a little hard to follow, scenes with a lot of talking that’s not really fun to listen to, that I notice had kids very restless in the theaters, and worst of all, was close to ruining my suspension of disbelief. I kept thinking how cool it would be if this film featured humans or animals engaged in espionage as opposed to cars. If people were wondering how a world could function when everyone are cars in the first one, they would definetly question it here.

All in all, it’s one of, if not the weakest Pixar film to date, and I’m really hoping next year’s Brave will get Pixar back on track.

This strip isn’t very funny, and I apologize. I’m finding it more difficult to tell jokes these days. I considering format changes….